Bearded Dragons For Sale

  • Vibrant Citrus Orange Male!

    Genetics: Hypo Citrus Orange   |    Price: $250
    Gender: Male ;  |    Parents: Charmander x A.O.

    Love this male hypo citrus orange! Charmander x A.O. $250 plus shipping.

  • What a Deal!!!

    Genetics: Hypo Orange   |    Price: $200 plus shipping
    Gender: Male ;  |    Parents: Spyro x A.O.

    Deal of a decade! smile emoticon This insanely nice hypo orange male has a small tail nip. About an inch or less. I am going to offer him for sale at $200 plus shipping. One heck of a deal for a dragon of this caliber.***SOLD*** Thanks Brandon!

  • Nice 11″ Female Citrus Tiger Leatherback

    Genetics: Citrus Tiger, 100% het hypo   |    Price: $250 plus shipping
    Gender: Female ;  |    Parents:

    This girl just completed a shed today. Look at those sidebars!! Great symmetry and bold. Getting more yellow too and will continue to brighten with age. 100% het hypo. $250 plus shipping.***SOLD*** Thanks Jennifer!

  • 10″ Female Citrus Tiger Leatherback

    Genetics: Citrus Tiger Leatherback 100% hypo   |    Price: $150
    Gender: Female ;  |    Parents:

    Very nice 10″ female citrus tiger leatherback. Only $150 plus shipping

  • Magnificent Hypo Orange Female!!

    Genetics: Hypo Orange   |    Price: $300 Plus shipping
    Gender: Female ;  |    Parents: A.O. x Charmander

    This girl from Charmander x A.O. is just incredible. Becoming saturated with orange. Around 8-9″ hypo orange female. $300 plus shipping

  • WOW!!

    Genetics: Hypo Citrus Tiger Leatherback   |    Price: $400
    Gender: Female ;  |    Parents: Helios x Citrine

    This is one of those really hard ones to let go of. Absolute gem! 9″ female from Helios x Citrine. Hypo citrus tiger leatherback. Collector quality. $400 plus shipping***SOLD***

  • Male Witblit!

    Genetics:   |    Price: $600
    Gender: Male ;  |    Parents: Het. Witblit male (no name) x Liefie

    Here is a 8″ male witblit that is 66% het hypo.  Awesome dragon!***SOLD*** Thank you John!

  • Female Witblit!!!

    Genetics: Witblit 66% het hypo   |    Price: $600
    Gender: Female ;  |    Parents:

    Here is a great opportunity for someone. This is a 7″ female hypo witblit from Liefie x unnamed Het wit male. She has a small tail nip that has completely healed from when she was around 2 weeks old. Pic not in focus but you get the idea. Only $600 plus shipping!

  • Citrus Orange Female

    Genetics: 100% Het Hypo Citrus/Orange Tiger   |    Price: $200
    Gender: Female ;  |    Parents: Calypso x Blanco

    Here is a very nice 8″ citrus/orange tiger female from Calypso x Blanco. Her colors are really starting to pop! ***SOLD*** Thanks Laurie!

  • Hypo Orange Female

    Genetics: Hypo Orange   |    Price: $200
    Gender: Female ;  |    Parents: Chamander x A.O.

    Here is a beautiful 7″ hypo orange female from Charmander x A.O. Going to be a saturated orange as an adult with a really neat pattern down the center of her back. $200 plus shipping.

  • WOW! Hypo Orange Male

    Genetics: Hypo Orange   |    Price: $300
    Gender: Male ;  |    Parents: R.B. x Charmander

    This is an absolutely gorgeous hypo orange male from Charmander x R.B.!  6″ and has only gone through one shed.  You can picture just how awesome this dragon will be a year from now.  $300 plus shipping ***SOLD*** Thank you Rachel

  • Holy Pattern!

    Genetics: Citrus Tiger Leatherback, 100% het hypo   |    Price: $$200
    Gender: Female ;  |    Parents:

    This 8″, probable female, citrus tiger leatherback has such a cool pattern and look to her. $200 plus shipping***SOLD*** Thanks Megan!

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