Bearded Dragons For Sale

If you are interested in purchasing a dragon, please click on "Inquire About Dragon" and an email will be sent to me. In the email, please include your zip code so I can look up how much the FedEx shipping cost will be. I will email you back a total cost. You can then either pay via Paypal or with a credit card. Thank you!

  • Classic Citrus Tiger!

    Inquire About Dragon
    I.D: CT001   |    Genetics: Citrus Tiger, 100% het Hypo   |    Price: $300 plus shipping
    Gender: Female   |    Parents: Citrus Tiger x Hypo Citrus

    Here is a very nice, 9 1/2″ citrus tiger female. She will only continue to improve and will be a brightly colored adult. $300 plus shipping

  • Mystery #3

    Inquire About Dragon
    I.D: MYS3   |    Genetics: Hypo Citrus   |    Price: $125 plus shipping
    Gender: Male   |    Parents:

    10″ male hypo that is either 100% het Zero or Witblits. 1″ tail nip from a mean sibling when a baby. Long ago healed. I am leaning Zero on this one. At $125 plus shipping, who cares! LOL

We do have more dragons available than are posted here. Please email me at if you are looking for something specific.